• Kompas - Croatian first car rental company

    The company’s central office is in Dubrovnik, and our branches are located throughout Croatia. Today, Kompas’ fleet includes 1.600 vehicles distributed among 40 branches in the countries of “former Yugoslavia”.
    We are certain that our quality team of employees can offer you quality and fast services and thus provide you with a safe and pleasant journey.
    Kompas has scored many "firsts" in the car rental industry all over Croatia and former countries of ex. Yugoslavia. Here are some of the most notable Kompas firsts:
    1963 First car rental company in Yugoslavia
    1964 First airport office in this part of Europe (Ljubljana, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Belgrade)
    1965 First 'Rent-it-Here/Leave-it-There' (one-way) programme
    1966 Started cooperation with Hertz Italiana
    1971 Available in 70 stations in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia
    1972 First franchise agreement between Kompas and Hertz international signed.
    1986 First booking system
    1987 First centralised billing system
    1995 First centralised car rental system in Croatia.
    2005 First GPS navigation offer.
  • History

    Kompas Rent a Car has been present in former Yugoslavia since 1963. In the beginning, Kompas was renting only vehicles with a driver. With the increase in number of tourists and business people who wanted to independently rent and drive, in a very short period of time Kompas started renting vehicles without drivers. Given the vicinity of Austria and the fact that rent a car activity has not existed prior to Kompas, the „know how“ was leased from the Austrians who already had Hertz and Avis. In the beginning, the fleet included 25 Volkswagen Beetles which were purchased from Autotehna Zagreb. In 1963, the fleet included 85 Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles owned by Kompas.

    Cooperation with Hertz started in 1966 after signing a contract on business and technical cooperation with Hertz Italy. In 1972, Kompas Hertz Rent a Car started functioning as an independent company with Hertz International franchise.

    We are no longer a part of Hertz International however we are still strong and reliable partner on international field.

    We shall lead in our field of business by determining the level of the quality of service and by providing loyal care to our clients.
    We shall advocate loyalty towards our clients, officials and shareholders.
    We shall manage business without separating high standards from integrity, honesty, professionalism and moral conduct.
    We shall communicate openly and timely, providing what we know, when we know it.
    Consideration for the individual
    We shall treat each person with respect, professionalism and dignity.
    We will place the interests of our customers first.
    We shall dedicate ourselves to providing individual experience when renting vehicles which will guarantee clients satisfaction and their loyalty.
    Management and leadership
    The philosophy of our management is decentralization and local autonomy, with emphasis on strong support to strengthening corporate image and operational efficiency.